Monitoring Media Devices, Social Apps, Search History, Texting and Phone Logs

We all struggle to monitor our child’s media devices.  20 years ago, a parent would be able to overhear a child’s conversation over the phone.  A child would have to come out of their bedroom to watch a show on the television in the family room.  If you wanted to watch the TV show Friends, you had to come out of your bedroom to be in front of a television, Thursdays at 7 pm.  Monitoring what children were accessing was extremely different.  Fastforward to 2023, there is so much happening through a child’s social media device that we are unaware of. Children are stay in their rooms more and isolating because they have access to their social media and tv shows/movies from their devices. It is extremely important to be actively involved in monitoring your child’s devices.  Regularly spot checking their search history, texts, apps, call logs and more can help parents address issues or concerns.

A recent study, Depressive Symptoms and Emotional Responses to Social Media in Adolescents was published in the Journal of Clinical Child and Adolescent Psychology (2021).  This study indicated greater symptoms of depression were associated with increased negative emotional responses to social media within one year.  In comparison with boys, girls reported greater positive and negative emotional responses to social media utilization; however, gender did not moderate the associations between depression and emotional responses to social media usage.

The link below connects you to information on the top 10 parental controls for apps and social media.  Please be proactive in monitoring what your children are accessing and being influenced by.

The Best Parental Control App Services of 2023 ( 



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