The clinicians at CDCW have special training and experience in treating couples and addressing relationship issues. The following are some of the services provided at the CDCW addressing relationship issues in many different contexts.

Marital Therapy

The most common type of relationship counseling involves couples who are married. Precipitating problems include difficulties in effective communication, infidelity, sexual difficulties, conflicts in parenting styles, stress in the extended family (e.g., in-laws, illness in family members, etc.) and loss of investment in the marriage over time. The couple is seen together, but some therapists will see each individual alone to garner information and assess the situation. In some cases, individual therapy for one or both persons may be recommended. It is a widely supported belief that emotionally healthy individuals are much more likely to have healthy relationships.

Couples Counseling with Dating/Cohabitating Couples

As relationships progress, cracks in the foundation can start to materialize. Sometimes, the issue for a dating couple is a lack of commitment, such as to marriage and children. As in married couples, communication, infidelity and loss of the “spark” can cause significant problems. CDCW clinicians have the experience and specialized training working with couples on these concerns in order to help strengthen the relationship … or end a negative relationship.

Pre-Marriage Counseling

There is wisdom in thinking about solutions before problems arise. As people approach the commitment of a lifetime together, certain tasks should ideally have been completed and some pre-planning on how to cope with common pitfalls of marriage should be addressed. Therapists at CDCW work daily with many of these common stumbling blocks to a healthy marriage. As a result, exploring your relationship can expose potential issues and help put a plan in place before they cause damage to the marriage.