Clinicans at CDCW are trained and experienced in applying the latest and most accepted treatments for mental health issues. In most instances, you and/or your child(ren)will be seen through some combination of individual therapy meetings and possibly family therapy meetings.

Individual Psychotherapy

In the vast majority of cases, clients seen at CDCW meet individually with clinicians, including older children and adolescents. As a parent/guardian, it is likely that you will meet with your child or adolescent’s therapist during some, possibly all, sessions to stay informed and to get updates on the progress of therapy. Please refer to our Child Therapy Consent form for more details regarding Confidentiality in the Treatment of Minors.

Meetings are often a clinical hour–45-55 minutes–in length and are typically scheduled on a once weekly basis, though that may vary. The frequency of sessions is determined in meeting with a CDCW clinician and assessing your needs to determine the most appropriate scheduling. The methods employed and overall “feel” of the therapy session can vary significantly, given the individual theoretical and interpersonal differences of the clinicians. It is important to find a trusting and genuine relationship, as this can be significant to the success of therapy.

Family Psychotherapy

Often, bringing family members together for family sessions is beneficial. Therapy may even be conducted exclusively in the form of family therapy. Research is highly supportive of the efficacy of family therapy, conducted by a well trained and experienced clinicians. Often the goals of family therapy include opening the lines of communication, correcting negative/destructive patterns of interaction, reinstituting appropriate family roles and addressing conflicts. In this context, family therapy almost always is multigenerational, with parents and children. Although they are often family members, couples and marital counseling are addressed specifically elsewhere on our website.