Dr. Jezl is a Licensed Clinical Psychologist; he has over 25+ years of clinical experience. He spent five years as a Child and Adolescent counselor on an inpatient psychiatric unit, and since 1994 he has practiced as a licensed clinical psychologist in private practice. Dr. Jezl has completed years of specialized training in the therapy and diagnosis of children and adolescents. He completed his psychological assessment training at the University of Chicago’s Department of Child Psychiatry, and he later completed a child psychology internship at the Child and Family Guidance Clinic in Los Angles California. Dr. Jezl received his Doctorate in Clinical Psychology from the Illinois School of    Professional Psychology, Chicago, in 1994 and he holds a B.S. in Psychology from Loyola University of Chicago. His doctoral research on Adolescent Dating Abuse was published in the Child and Adolescent Social Work Journal. Dr. Jezl has developed an interpersonal approach that helps engage children and teens in therapy, despite their sometime negative and resistant stance, by facilitating their comfort with the process.

Dr. Jezl served as a consultant to area behavioral health hospitals on treatment and diagnostic issues with children and teenagers. He enjoys working with people struggling with mood disorders and anxiety, and co-led an adolescent girls’ group for 8 years.  He is a member of the allied staff of two behavioral health hospitals and a medical hospital. He is actively involved in supervision and training of doctoral students at the Counseling and Diagnostic Center.

Dr. Jezl is the founder and clinical director of the Counseling and Diagnostic Center of Woodfield (CDCW). He remains actively involved in the community and is a board member of a non-profit organization—Hope for Grieving Children Africa, that provides training to caretakers of AIDS orphans. Dr. Jezl is proud of assembling a top-notch staff of mental health professionals at CDCW, as well as continuing to provide an excellent training experience for future psychologists.