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It’s Okay to Set Boundaries

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We all need boundaries. We need to know our limits when it comes to our work, time and relationships. When we don’t set boundaries for ourselves, we tend to become overwhelmed, frustrated and begin to lack the ability to say ‘no.’ We get “lost” in other people and start to put our needs last. It’s important to understand that it’s okay to make it a habit to set those much-needed Read More»

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Common Distortions that Contribute to Anxiety

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All humans experience anxiety. It keeps us safe, draws our attention to something important or unfamiliar and prepares us to handle different situations. It can also, however, interfere with our daily lives. Not all anxiety is a problem. It only becomes a problem when it is unmanageable or shows its head when we do not need it. This article outlines common cognitive distortions that contribute to unnecessary or heightened levels Read More»

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